At Wood Fold we have developed a broad and balanced curriculum that is stimulating and engaging for all groups of learners. We use a range of different strategies to ensure the curriculum is accessible for our SEND learners, with appropriate strategies being selected according to the child’s individual needs.

Quality first teaching is used so that children receive teaching that is differentiated and personalised according to their needs. Tasks and resources are differentiated for children so that they can access the same work with a more scaffolded approach. Differentiated texts are used to support children who would struggle to access the class text; this enables the children to access the class context in a way that is appropriate to their reading abilities.  Resources are used to support children where appropriate, including the use of technology.

We are a Dyslexia Friendly School which means we provide all children, whether diagnosed with dyslexia or not, the right environment for them to learn. Each class has a DIY Dyslexia box containing equipment such as coloured overlays, pencil grips and alphabet strips, that they can access whenever they choose to. Each class has a teaching assistant to provide support to children who may need support such as prompting or extra input.

Interventions are provided by both teachers and teaching assistants where children need support that is additional to that provided through the curriculum, including Catch-up Maths, Catch-up Literacy and Talking Partners.  We also have specialist Maths and Reading Recovery teachers who work with children on an individual basis to teach skills that support the children with their learning,  Through effective communication between teachers and teaching assistants, the skills and strategies taught in the intervention sessions are also taught in class to ensure generalisation takes place, and the children are using them effectively within their curriculum work.

Smaller teaching groups are used for children that need more input and support with personalised curriculums so that teaching is addressing their next steps and learning needs.

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