Equality & Diversity

At Wood Fold we are committed to equality and valuing diversity within our school community. We aim to reflect these commitments and values in our planning, lessons and day-to-day interactions with pupils, staff and parents. 


  • To eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation. 
  • To promote equality of access and opportunity within our school and within our wider community.
  • To promote positive attitudes to difference and good relationships between people with different backgrounds, genders, sexual orientation, cultures, faiths, abilities and ethnic origins. 

Through our school ethos, curriculum, employment practice and management of incidents to: 

  • respect the equal human rights of all our pupils; 
  • educate them about equality; 
  • and respect the equal rights of our staff and other members of the school community.

" This is a school that does far more than most to focus on diversity."

" Diversity is embedded across the curriculum"

"..a range of books across all cultures and faiths were displayed prominently." (Clive Davies, November 2022)

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