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Wood Fold Fledglings Nursery provides education for boys and girls of two to four years of age and is situated within Wood Fold Primary School. We have an early years partnership with the school and liaise with the reception teachers who visit regularly.


Mission Statement

Our aims and objectives are to provide a high quality, safe and educational environment. This includes equipment and activities appropriate to the child’s age and stage of development helping to create confident and happy children.

Our ethos relies heavily on the concept of developing independence and acquiring good social skills. We hope to develop in all children the desire to learn and the ability to apply their knowledge. At the same time we want to help each child find the self-esteem and confidence that are so necessary to live a full and happy life.


To view our latest OFSTED Report click here. Please see some quotes from the report below.


‘The nursery continues to be outstanding in all areas of learning and has improved since the previous outstanding in all areas inspection due to a continuous drive to deliver expert practice and an exceptional educational programme which supports children's learning and development impressively.’

‘Leadership is inspirational. The management team pursue excellence in all areas. They use their extensive experience and some higher level qualifications to underpin their consistently high expectations for the quality of care, learning and development offered to children.’

‘Children's enthusiasm for learning and the level to which they succeed, is enhanced by highly skilled and experienced staff who recognise every child as a unique individual and support them very effectively. Staff implement some expert teaching strategies to promote learning across the Early Years Foundation Stage. Consequently, all children, but particularly those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, make excellent progress.’

‘The highest priority is given to ensuring children's good health and their safety.’

Please see below for further information.

prospectus 2018 to 2019.pdf

Guidance to your child's learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Please click on the link below to download our application form

Wood Fold Fledglings Nursery Application 2018 to 2019.pdf


Parents who have completed an application form will be contacted in the Spring term (after the Easter break) prior to commencing in September.

Taster Days

These are provided in July before the children commence in September giving the opportunity for the children to gain confidence in the new surroundings and begin to know their peers and staff alike. At this time they will be introduced to their key person. If required during the holiday period we provide home visits to further support their transition.

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