Child's Progress

Even before your child commences and in readiness for their taster session you will have provided information about your child which will have been collated on to our enhanced planning to support his/her first visit.

We constantly require your further expertise by completing on entry an Early Years Foundation Stage tracker about your child to enable a baseline assessment within two weeks of their arrival together with an ASQ3 document with which we can share our knowledge of your child. (This will be discussed in detail with you).

We also value completion of 'WOW' notes and 'Incidental Observations' 'Learning Journals' Inspire Bags, 'ECAT' bags and 'Firm Foundations' Bags all to further support your child at home should you so wish which will all be explained fully when you attend our informal parents evening shortly after admission.

Your child will be monitored and assessed every day and this data is tracked and added to our weekly enhanced planning to ensure individual planning is given.

This is further supported and extended daily with small group work.

Regular parent's evenings take place with updates via reports on your child's progress from all data collected in the setting.

Termly meetings with reception teacher on the monitoring of data received.